Dana Jean Phoenix at NEON RetroFest 2018

Crowne Plaza Providence-Warwick (Airport), 801 Greenwich Ave., Warwick, Rhode Island 02886

Welcome to NEON: a living love letter to late 20th Century entertainment. A three day festival inspired by the worlds, sounds, and games we grew up with.

Flickering neon, killer robots, rain-soaked pavement, eternal sunsets, cyberpunk skylines, obsolete technology, and relentless midnight drives. If any of this speaks to you, then NEON is where you belong this August. Welcome to paradise.

A cutting-edge Synthwave/Retrowave/Outrun/Darksynth music festival drives the heartbeat of three days and nights of sonic immersion, as performers from all over the world converge to provide an unmatched experience on NEON's mainstage. Each evening, you'll hear the cutting edge sound of the future that never was--live--but that's not all that will be happening August 24-26:

  • Lose yourself in a massive themed video arcade comprised of original cabinets from passionate arcade preservationists and collectors. Best of all? No quarters required.

  • Experience a fully interactive console gaming time capsule featuring dozens of the systems that gave rise to electronic gaming, placed in a setting that you'll have to see to believe.

  • Listen and meet iconic guests, panelists, artists, and creators who'll discuss their experiences and insight on the era and modern resurgence of the retro Sci Fi style.

  • Take a seat at our curated cult film festival dedicated to the "best of the worst" Sci Fi, horror, and genre films of the era, operated in a specially constructed (all-too familiar) late 20th century setting...

  • Relax in our actual basement space dedicated to reliving low-key tabletop gaming from the era back when Dungeons and Dragons was moonlighting in basements across America, Stranger Things style!

  • Shop 'til you drop in our vendor room or chill out in our themed lounge and plan your next move. And always expect the unexpected.

Join us in Rhode Island, The Ocean State, Summer 2018 for an exclusive glimpse into the future that never was. Early tickets are on sale now: get yours before they disappear into yesteryear.

We're happy to answer your questions, but be sure to check our FAQ page first to make sure it hasn't already been covered there: